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Like Running? Love Wine? This race is for you!

Join us on October 21st for an exciting new event that features the scenic course at Dan Ryan Woods, and the great Wine and Mead produced by locally owned Bev Art Brewer & Winemaker sponsored by Wild Blossom Meadery. With registration options for all wine lovers and runners, this race is a sure thing for a great time!

4 Registration Options Available:

1) Competitive Drinker (Wine-K^3 Division)

Instead of water stops set up at every mile, we provide WK^3 runners with a fresh sample of wine at each mile, and a full pour of your favorite at the finish line! Looking for a 5k PR? This one is not for you! But if you're looking for a WineK PR, or just want to have the most fun you've had at a 5k race, then sign up now!

2) Run then Wine (RTW Division)

Like wine and running... just not at the same time? Run the 5k course with the rest of the field, then enjoy a full pour at the finish line with your friends!

3) Designated Driver (D3 Division)

Just want to run a great race with a great course and awesome atmosphere? The D3 option is just a standard 5k race, minus the wine. And just a hint... if you have some friends who registered for the first 2 options, it's only fair that they cover your registration right? Just saying....

4) 0.0 K Race

Spectators are also encouraged to attend! The 0k option gains you access to the wine garden and includes a full pour.. and you don't even have to run!


What is Mead? Mead is a fermented sweet drink made from honey. Origins date back to the Vikings who used it as an energy drink for battles
Is the race only for 21+? No, minors are welcome to join the designated driver option, but will not have access to the wine garden
Wine's cool, but I prefer Beer! That's not a question... but if we get enough requests we will absolutely add a beer option!
I still have quesitons, who do I contact? If you have a question, someone else probably does too. Email us at info@midwesteventmanagement.com and we'll add it to this page

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